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Over a month ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. Here's why I left Facebook, plus all of the ways in which I've been thriving ever since!

from xoJane

My Dad's Brain Cancer Finally Motivated Me to Quit Facebook

Why My Dad's Brain Cancer Finally Convinced Me to Quit Facebook - xoJane

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How to Quit Facebook Without Actually Quitting Facebook

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Science Says You Should Probably Quit Facebook. Here's Why

I agree. I think FB is great for maintaining & reconnecting old friendships, while also terrible for causing affairs and inapropriate connections. I see how people watching other's profiles and seeing everyone happier than they are contributes to major depression, comparison, and feeling less than. I like to think of my page as more of a blog, and hope it is interesting and enjoyable for many. I think FB can be used for good, but all in all, I believe it causes many different negative…