If you've struggled with your drinking in any capacity, questioned your relationship with alcohol, are questioning your relationship with alcohol, or are wondering if you should quit or may have to quit, you will understand what I'm about to say all too well: it's fucking terrifying. To be sure, it is NOT the things that happen on the other side of quitting drinking that are the hardest obstacles to overcome. The biggest roadblock between anyone and sobriety is the decision to attempt…

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If you are considering to quit drinking or completely eliminate alcohol consumption, then these tips can help you stop drinking alcohol. Read more

Tips for giving up alcohol. Take break from alcohol considering four simple habits. Check more >> http://mind-globe.com/tips-for-giving-up-alcohol/

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Alcohol Abuse Leads to Seven Different Kinds of Cancer Since I started working in ICU, about 90% of patients are alcoholics and/or drug abusers. It is not a nice way to go guys.

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