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Quirky bedroom with a tumblr feel. Band posters scatter about the walls. Trinkets setting very still on the vintage Dresser. Love it this is my dream bedroom!

Pictures and posters are organised well. Placed precisely but still has a boho hippie feel.

Hello!  This pink and yellow room is just too cute with its banner and soft linen shades.

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How Washi Tape Can Save Your Blank Walls—Tonight on Food52

How Washi Tape Can Save Your Blank Walls—Tonight


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Attic - definition: a space or room just below the roof of a building.When we think of cozy spaces, an attic bedroom often comes to mind. They can be simple, like you often find at lakeside cabins,.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas -- Maybe not in this color scheme, but I love the overall feel.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Orange: Pretty in Peach Gravitate toward hues that are hard to put a name on -- peachy pinks or orangey corals. These hybrid colors are always interesting and give the color depth and softness. I like the bed frame!

SMALL SPACE=FEELING OF CLAUSTROPHOBIA -- DEF: small space with the feeling of claustrophobia.  WHY: The colors of this room make it appear darker and a lot going on.  There are a lot of patterns and although there are windows, it still feelings tight and gloomy.

31 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interior Design

Eclectic Arrangement

Find your style – Boho chic

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Have a load of fairy lights left over from a Christmas party; wondering what to do with them?

14 cute decor ideas that will make your dull uni bedroom instantly better

DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

Turn your childhood favorite frosted animal crackers into circus animal cookie pillows, a perfectly quirky touch for your dorm, bedroom or living room!

Make use of small spaces - looks great and would make the loo look so quirky

Seriously, bathroom galleries are the best. I prefer one easily viewed from the toilet ;) I wish I'd photographed the magazine page collage we made in the bathroom in our old house.