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Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Easiest Hollandaise Sauce recipe ever: It's made in 5 minutes in a blender. No whisking or double boilers required

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Simple 2 Minute Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce. A rich and buttery sauce with the mild tang of lemon juice. Perfect for Eggs Benedict or for serving with vegetables.

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30 Second Hollandaise Sauce

A 30 Second Hollandaise Sauce made quick and creamy with your immersion blender --- no cutting corners, either, this is the authentic stuff!

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Healthy Eggs Benedict

The delicious and classic eggs benedict brunch given a healthy makeover with a creamy yogurt hollandaise sauce, healthier turkey bacon and with quick English home-made muffins. Making it a healthy eggs benedict!

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Salmon Wellington

Salmon wellington I read the post, it is great I can't get this wrong. Easy, impressive & the ingredients are delish.(bh)

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Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives. Get your poaching technique honed and serve up this brunch classic- it's easily-doubled to feed a family or crowd

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Classic Eggs Benedict

Making a delicious Classic Eggs Benedict breakfast at home is much easier than you think, especially when you whirl up the hollandaise sauce in the blender.

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Avocado Eggs Benedict

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Vegetarian Leek and Mushroom Hash

Vegetarian Leek and Mushroom Breakfast Hash - This easy breakfast recipe is sure to be a hit! Potatoes, earthy leeks and mushrooms, and a buttery homemade hollandaise sauce make this a delicious brunch recipe option. Vegetarian.

Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Easiest Hollandaise Sauce: It's made in the blender. No whisking or double boilers required

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