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Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) (1819-1901) & Prince Albert (Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel) (1819-1861). Portraits in Profile. “Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves” - Queen Victoria. "I am very happy and contented; but the difficulty in filling my place with the proper dignity is that I am only the husband, not the master in the house." Prince Albert.

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Queen Victoria adored Prince Albert and after his premature death she built monuments to him that attest to her great affection for her Prussian husband.

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Queen Victoria on the arm of her Indian servant Abdul Karim with whom she had a fervent relationship

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Ravishing: Princess Louise was the fourth daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

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Queen Victoria's Mysterious Daughter: A Biography of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley

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