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Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) (1819-1901) & Prince Albert (Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel) (1819-1861). Portraits in Profile. “Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves” - Queen Victoria. "I am very happy and contented; but the difficulty in filling my place with the proper dignity is that I am only the husband, not the master in the house." Prince Albert.

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When Victoria met Albert: Tender letter reveals how Queen fell in love with her prince

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Selfish, spiteful and often sozzled—the real Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria on the arm of her Indian servant Abdul Karim with whom she had a fervent relationship

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Family feuds, an ardent love affair and a 9ft wedding cake: the real story of Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria adored Prince Albert and after his premature death she built monuments to him that attest to her great affection for her Prussian husband.

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Queen Victoria's ravishing daughter, a secret love and a sex scandal

Ravishing: Princess Louise was the fourth daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

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10 top royal love stories

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FAMOUS FAMILIES: A bit of royal Battenberg-Mountbatten-Hicks family history


'Victoria's Daughters' - The story of 5 women who shared one of the most extraordinary & privileged sisterhoods of all time. Vicky, Alice, Helena, Beatrice & Louise were historically unique sisters, born to a sovereign who ruled over 1/4 of the earth's people & who gave her name to an era: Queen Victoria. Two of these princesses would themselves produce children of immense consequence: Vicky's Kaiser Wilhelm & Alice's daughter, Alix, who became Tsarina Alexandra.