I am the king of hearts and she will be my queen you know who you are:)

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Queen of Black Hearts tattoo idea

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Queen of hearts tattoo

Queen of Hearts/Queen of Hurts. Not sure why the "dead Queen" is on top of the living one. I would flip this card the other way then get it tattooed. ALready have my Queen Mark on my wrist :)

@Donna Moulder's photo: ""As an archetype, the Queen of Hearts holds the power to restore the personality to a more nurturing, compassionate, and loving level of human understanding. Sitting on her throne as humanitarian, embracing all with kindness, virtue and gentleness complimenting the King of Hearts, who offers the balance of reason to her heartfelt concerns. Her wisdom guides his moral judgement, offering a new balance of shared authority. "  So what's a king babe without a queen? *B…

"As an archetype, the Queen of Hearts holds the power to restore the personality…

Okay so Queen of hearts... as a tattoo idea....Oh gosh I'm in love!!!!! <3 This is a Deck of Skeletons. Vintage Playing Cards. by Mike Willcox

La baraja de los piratas // A Deck of Skeletons. Vintage STYLE Playing Cards [by Mike Willcox — Kickstarter]

Queen Of Heart Tattoo

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