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World War II - FDR’s Quarantine Speech Response Letter (U.S. History)

TES To examine the U.S. foreign policy prior to World War II, students will write a response letter to FDR’s famous Quarantine Speech. Students will first listen to FDR’s speech (link included) while high lighting important excerpts and then completing review questions. They will then be asked to write a response letter to FDR explaining their reasons why they either agree with him or not. Detailed lesson plans are included. (60 minutes)

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World War II: The Road to Pearl Harbor Reading Activity

World War II: The Road to Pearl Harbor Reading Activity In this engaging reading activity students will learn about the foreign policy of the United States prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and complete a corresponding graphic organizer. A formative writing assessment is included. Topics include: Quarantine Speech Neutrality Acts Cash and Carry Tripartite Pact Lend-Lease Act Atlantic Charter Conflict in Indochina


President Barack Obama warned against FBI “leaks” and “innuendo” in his first public comments about the agency’s decision to disclose its new review into emails that could be relevant to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while she was secretary of state. Speaking to NowThisNews in an interview released Wednesday, Obama said he didn’t […]

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Trump stages 757 flyby at Iowa airport & offers children a peek inside

HIGH DRAMA: Trump's private Boeing 757 touched down after staging a thrilling flyby while the theme music from the movie 'Air Force One' played over loudspeakers

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FDR's love nest in the park: How president took FIVE 'mistresses' to country getaway (including his distant COUSIN, publisher and wife's social secretary)