Thinking about Raising Quail? Build your own DIY Quail coop, this one is perfect for the backyard or small homestead.

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Do you raise quail? You can plant them their own edible garden to supplement feed expenses. Do this by raising quail on the ground.

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Have you considered starting your homestead with Quail? Raise quail for the purpose of eggs and meat. Coturnix and Bobwhite Quail enjoy a natural environment, get started at Garden Up Green

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Coturnix quail are the perfect addition to the urban homestead! Learn how to raise these tiny birds for egg and meat in any location. Differences between male and female quail

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Thinking about raising quail in your backyard. Find out how you can do this naturally on the ground. Raise Quail for the purpose of eggs and meat.

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Beautiful baby quail! "Hatched and raised bunches of these precious things, once I found out they need marbles in their water dish so they don't drown. ;-)"

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