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Pyramid With Eye

The most mysterious sarcophagus in the Museum of Cairo, it is believed to be the coffin of the long-searched for Akenaten. It has a commoner's wig, but has been fitted with a beard and uraeus (strong indication of a royal). Found in January 1907 in tomb 55 by Theodore Davis and Edward R. Ayrton, the names on the sarcophagus have been erased. Click to read more...

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Doorway to the Stars, Josephine Wall If you close your eyes and release your imagination all things are possible. A simple cabinet door can be a portal to another world. A world where the sky filled with planets looks very different from the one we know. A world where mighty pyramids channelling energy to receptive minds, sit quite comfortably alongside fairy castles - a world where you will find wonder and tranquillity. Stay a while and dip your feet in the river of peace. You will feel…

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this is through culture - the background is plain but inside is everything to do with the festival -- in our own world

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Alice Ma with Next Models Canada in the spring issue of Chloe Magazine. Hair&Makeup by Natalie Ventola. Photography by Alex Evans.

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Pyramidion (top of a pyramid) dedicated by Amenemhet III , ruled 1831-1986 BC. The winged sun disk depicted in the center of the stone, carving art on the black granite is amazing. Found among debri on the eastern side of the pyramid in 1900 the capstone of the pyramid was carved from a block of black granite. A pair of eyes similar to those on the eastern side if his sarcophagus, together with some other hieroglyphic components are inscribed on the eastern side of the capstone.

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Sacred places are not triads of visual places but rather human self of three demensions - third eye – (thoughts) -throat voice (sound) and heart (emotions)

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Head of a king possilby Thutmosis III Title: Werner Forman Archive Credit: The eyes and eyebrows would have been inlaid with a different material Country of Origin: Egypt Culture: Ancient Egyptian Date/Period: New Kinddom, 18th Dynasty 1504 - 1450 BC Material: Obsidia, H=17cm Place of Origin: Karnak / Egyptian Museum, Cairo Description:

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