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Memory Care activity for men with Alzheimer's Disease &/or other dementias. Easily assembled, there is no "wrong" way to put the pieces together. Materials cost under $20

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Bike Trailer Shopping Cart

The idea for this bike trailer/shopping cart was due to a new grocery store opening near my home. The problem I had was, it was a little too close to drive to, but too far to walk. If I had something for my bicycle, that’d be the perfect transportation. As you look at PHOTO 1, the amassment of PVC joints and pipes is a lot, but if you break it down into steps, it can be an easy build.

Make a Summer Reading Tent/Teepee!! {tutorial}

Totally making a tipi like this for my kids one day. best place to play or hide out with a book EVER!!

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Thanks for the great feedback, Im glad I can contribute to this place. AdditionTo allow the joints to rotate as well as bend.1. Cut the joint 2"-3" below the flat part .2. Cut two notches in the pipe on opposite sides leaving about 1/2" in between the cuts. Using a table saw would be best, I tried a drill press drilling several holes in a row. (worked , wouldn't recommend it) 3. Sand the notch making sure its smooth. 4. Place your joint over the PVC tha

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