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Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Are Putin-Obsessed

Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Are Putin-Obsessed | That flapping sound you hear is conservative pundits wanking themselves dry over Putin's shirtless Tiger-shooting masculinity.

Vladimir Putin, Action Man

Putin rides a horse in southern Siberia's Tuva region shortly before coming across a shepherd and his children. Putin gave the shepherd’s son his watch as a gift and offered the father his hunting knife.


Trump Gets a Special Christmas Visit From a Shirtless Vladimir Putin on Saturday Night Live


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Cult personality: Well, not quite a cult. But don’t underestimate how much damage 10 years of Yeltsin, his antics, ailments and slurring on television, did to Russians and their view of themselves. Putin has given them something much more in keeping with the macho spirit of the Russian muzhik: a horse-riding, bare-chested, tiger-wrestling, clean living, straight-talking action man.


14 Celebrity Photos That Make *Way* More Sense with a Pokémon in Them

Putin—#TBT to when everyone endlessly mocked Putin's shirtless pics, but clearly he was just trying to double fist a Staryu and a Starmie.