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How I feel about Manny... Sorry I need someone who makes it obvious that they want me in their life..

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The missing replies especially from those we like, care about are answers to questions in themselves and something we learn to accept somehow.

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Life Quotes and Images - Some People push People away because they don't get hurt -

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The Secret ~ Law of Attraction. So very true, and maybe one of the major root cases for society wanting to be and stay 'busy' all the time doing 'busy-ness' and in this process maybe wasting valuable 'time'?

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A tough but honest concept: friendship is a two way street and I am learning to wave goodbye to those who are on a one lane road.

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You said you loved how I looked at you... does she look at you the same way? Does she see deep into your soul? Does she know what you're thinking before you say it? I think you're just afraid to face reality. I think you know it will never go anywhere so you have fun while you can and then move on to the next one when she finds someone else. Why do you push away the ones who love you most!?!

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Exactly...I know why I do it tho..if you push people away the ones that notices are the ones that care...everyone else don't mean shiiiiiiiiiiit

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A Scar Does Not Form on the Dying (Live Life Happy)

If I love you, I won't give up easily. Leaving is my last option, but if you push me away I will walk away knowing I gave it my all.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Quotes Tumblr Nine symptoms seen in bpd,

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"although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things that will help to push away the pain and bring the smiles back again." ❤ #grief #loss #death #family

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...they throw away and abuse the ones who actually love them. Tragic, But a tragedy the write & produce themselves.

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Pure Matrimony : Please RePin & Re Tweet :) {}

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✔️i have more issues then i could possibly count. and on my worst days, i'll go from happy to sad in seconds. i won't always like myself, and sometimes i'll even assume you don't like me either. i'll push you away and i might even drive you insane. but i promise you this, nobody could ever even think about loving you as much as i do

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''Don't push someone away and expect them to still be there when you're ready.'' source:

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Detachment for Surviving Addiction

Sometimes we all need space away from people that can be difficult and think there saints. It's time to see the light.

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