Pusheenicorn plush toy - $25.99 #PLUSH #PUSHEENICORN

Pusheenicorn plush toy

What’s cuter than Pusheen? Pusheen as a unicorn! These new Pusheenicorn plush are so amazing with sparkly silver horn, rainbow mane and pastel tail. There are new mini pastel plush too and they’re all available from Hey Chickadee now.

pusheenacorn lol pusheen as a unicorn eating cookies!!!

And now we know where the magic of rainbow unicorn Pusheen comes from: chocolate chip cookies! We're going to consume them until we turn into a rainbow unicorn Pusheen. Or at least become Pusheen-shaped.

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O.....M.....G. The Pusheen cat riding a unicorn. Every problem in my life has just been solved.

Pusheen the Adorable Bouncy Cat from Everyday Cute

Fancy cat wakes up. Fancy cat gets dressed. Fancy cat makes coffeé and eats the cup. Fancy cat leaves the house. Fancy cat goes on an adventure. Fancy cat sees a unicorn. Fancy cat asks unicorn if they can be bffs. Unicorn says yes. The End