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Peluche del gato Pusheen--Akiko: aww (this is one of the new words I learned at Pinterest!!)

Medium Pusheen Plush Toy

The perfect cat. All the soft fuzziness but none of the attitude - pusheen pillow

DIY Donut Pusheen Cat Sock Plush Softie Tutorial (Video), an easy sew animal toy for kids and "kids" in heart #Sew, #Toy

DIY Donut Pusheen Cat Sock Plush Softie Tutorial, easy sew animal toy… great gift for the social sticker fan in your life!

Pusheenicorn plush toy. $25 bucks. Hey peeps, 30 more shopping days Wink wink

Pusheenicorn Plush Toy

What’s cuter than Pusheen? Pusheen as a unicorn! These new Pusheenicorn plush are so amazing with sparkly silver horn, rainbow mane and pastel tail. There are new mini pastel plush too and they’re all available from Hey Chickadee now.

Mini Pastel Pusheen plush toy (pink) $11.99 | http://www.heychickadee.com/

Mini Pastel Pusheen Plush Toy in Pink