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How to Grow Tulips and Other Perennials in Glass Jars in Your Home All Year

Tulips and other spring bulbe can be grown at any time of the year when grown in glass jars providing they spent 8 to 10 weeks hibernating in your refrigerator. Start them sequentially to enjoy a long 'season'. They make great gifts! #Spring_Bulbs #Tulips

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Pretty deep purple tulips. Love the contrast of purple with the green of the leaves.

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tulips as wedding flowers | Tulips and lilacs bridal bouquet | Wedding Flowers

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Should a man see only his popularity, he becomes a mirror reflecting opportunities for acceptance. He is everyone and no one. (Max Lucado)

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Tulip Slideshow #tulip #springgarden

Orange and Hot PInk with a touch of Green - Eye-popping color! Tulip Princess Irene

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Reserved for Chris F. Purple Tulips in Pitcher original still life floral oil painting by Angela Moulton 14 x 11 inch

Purple Tulips in Pitcher original still life by prattcreekart

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PURPLE.... WILD ACRE: Creating a cut flower garden -click on the photo for details.

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Blueberry Ripple Tulips - Gorgeous!

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...Crocus= Work indoors when forced or outdoors. Bloom is Very Early. They are beautiful but short season. You need lots for effect! Zone 5, IL

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Don't tiptoe - put an army of tulips in a pot

Love the deep purple tulips and the blue pots - perfect for patios or other small areas

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