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Purple diamond

OH MY!! Purple diamond - There are only a few purple diamond rings that come to mind and the most famous might be the 8 carat purple diamond ring – worth over 4 million dollar - NBA star Kobe Bryant bought for his wife...

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GIA Certified 6.70 ct VVS Purple Spinel Diamond PLATINUM Cocktail Estate Ring

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1930s Purple Amethyst Ring by VGBJEWLS on Etsy | What an incredible stone!! It's so beautifully dark yet clear at the same time! I love this, and it's my birthstone too.

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I want these. Seriously. I do. ! A pair of titanium, coloured sapphire and diamond earrings. 18k white gold

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One of the rarest of colors in natural color diamonds. … Purple is a dominant and rare hue in nature and color diamonds. As purple color is correlated to internal grain formation, the cut is exceedingly important to color release. So rare are these pure purples, there has yet to be revealed a large, historically important pure purple diamond. The presence of hydrogen will impart a purplish shade to a diamond ranging from light violet tone to a beautiful purplish hue.

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The future of the Yellow Gold Engagement Ring. | Jewellery news, articles, blog – Jewellery Monthly

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Purple Diamond Ring 1/4 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver.... looks a lil blue in the picture, I'd want to make sure it was more purple

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Purple Diamond Ring 1 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold