Elegant Grey Wallpaper Living Room by BrunchatSaks, via Flickr

Tips On Choosing Wall Papers For Your Living Room

Create a traditional, sophisticated scheme in your living room with a grown-up shade of purple. Set it against a grey backdrop so the daring palette breathes life into a neutral scheme. Full-length curtains add a luxurious touch and keep the room nice and warm. An L-shaped seating arrangement is perfect for an open-plan space.

Alwinton Corner Sofa Handmade Fabric

Our first shot in scene 1 will be our two characters arguing through a window in their living room! Everything in the house is a prop and this enables a realistic aspect of the music video that has carefully been prompted out.

"Working from home today." Click to see more of spring in pictures as seen on Matthew Williamson's Instagram.

I don't normally like "dark" decor, but something about this picture strikes me as cozy, fresh, and exotic. I love the screen color contrasting that comfy loveseat. Bright colors DO make me happy.

Purples, pinks and ethnic designs full of feminine look in one room. The mixture of purple hues on the beautiful wall hanging have spread out it’s arms around the sofa, draperies and each and every corner of the room transforming it to a cozy and sophisticated living space, where anyone can feel relaxed.

Contemporary Home Makeover

RUPERT PURPLE Velvet Corner unit - Corner- HabitatUK

High quality, Italian made Rupert purple corner unit is upholstered in high quality, plush velvet.

Of course, none of my living room colors look anything like this, but I like the soothing palette.

Spring is right around the corner; find the perfect pastels for your space. Pastels are soft and flirty and can add that perfect pop of color you wish for.