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I love the opening of this letter. God is the king of the universe, and I am his daughter, so therefore, I am a true princess. More

Living a Life of Purity in an Impure World

Everyone has areas we hold on to – dark corners of our life that we try to keep hidden. A pure heart, however, is one that has been given completely to God.


Should I ever have a daughter, this will be the first quote I hang on her wall; for more than anything I want her to be loved and want to be loved for the beauty that IS her, not that she wears


what we should chase in life...there are always these sayings about how we learn from hard times,but we don't need to go down a "dark" path in order to find "light" again...the light was always there but it is our choice if we let it touch us or not


Miley Cyrus, the VMAs & all that comes with it

I love this so much! Have apure heart. Try to work on purity where you struggle the most. Such as sexual purity but also not thinking mean thoughts about others. There many areas in our life that need to be pure


In the depths of Love within, no battle exists with Self or others, in the depths of purity, Light, Love... Shining brightly... ♥♥