Tamarindo Beach on Culebra Island, Pureto Rico has great snorkeling

Culebra is a fascinating island virtually untouched by major developers. When you go to Culebra you won’t find much in the way of nightlife, fancy dining o

San Juan, Pureto Rico

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Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico. An amazing get-away island Shhh, it's a quite secret.

Isla de Culebra - I really need to stop looking up the places that my daughter is visiting each day. My jealousy will get the better of me!

Puerto Rico - Travel Guide and Travel Info ~ Tourist Destinations

Puerto Rico

The capital of Puerto Rico is San juan. San Juan is a city that is one of Puerto Ricos most important Seaports. There are alot of sports events that go on in the city of San juan.

Caves of Puerto Rico - Seriously, For Real?

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky known as the longest cave system in the world with 367 miles of passageways.

Sun Bay beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico where the horses run free >>> WOW. That looks like a really cool thing to witness.

We were lying in the sand at Sun Bay beach in Vieques. We'd been told to watch out for horses, but nothing could prepare me for this. What a majestic experience to see wild horses free on the sands of Sun Bay beach.

I would love to see Pureto Rico & see family I never met & have met! I also want to go zipline there too!

Tropical Beaches, rain forest and more in Puerto Rico

One of my favorite cruise ports. Carnival Liberty in November 2010 and Carnival Dream September

Bio bays that glow in the dark, gorgeous beaches, historic forts and more! Heading to Puerto Rico? Don't miss these 5 amazing things!

The oldest forts in the USA, Tropical Rainforests, Pristine waters and bioluminescent bays that will make you believe in magic!

Top Reasons Vieques Island, Puerto Rico Should Be Your #1 Caribbean Destination via Johnny Jet. If you need help planning your Vieques vacation contact me at Rebecca@call2cruise.com

Top Reasons Vieques Island, Puerto Rico Should Be Your Caribbean Destination - Johnny Jet