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A Perfectly Packed Pumping Bag

How to pack a pumping bag: This article is for nursing moms who pump at work and want to stay organized, or for someone looking for a cute breast pump bag who doesn't want to spend a fortune.


Pumping At Work: The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide for Working Moms

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What Every Mom Needs to Know about Pumping at Work

Pumping at work can be a challenge for many breastfeeding moms. From what to bring to what to tell your boss, read these useful tips you need to know about pumping at work.

from Pregnant Chicken

Your first-day-back-at-work breast pump bag packing list

Your First-Day-Back-At-Work Breast Pump Bag Packing List: If you're going to be pumping at work be sure to check out this AMAZING checklist on what to bring!

from Lauren McBride

Mom + Baby // Tips for Pumping at Work

Tips for pumping at work

Maintaining your breastfeeding relationship when you must return to work is totally doable. Here are 15 Tips for successful pumping at work!

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Pumping at Work: Tips on Supply

After more than 700 sessions pumping breast milk at work, this mom has tried and true tips to help you maintain milk supply and continue breastfeeding for as long as you want to.

Must-have items for breastfeeding mamas who plan to pump at work, including tips for making pumping at work just slightly less painful.

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The New Mom's Guide to Pumping Breast Milk at Work

Does my boss HAVE to let me pump? How do I pump ENOUGH while I'm gone? Top questions answered about pumping breast milk at work.