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Alcohol and Breastfeeding: Should I Pump and Dump?

Alcohol and breastfeeding is a confusing topic. Can you drink at all? How much is too much? Here's the bottom line, and the facts may surprise you.


Never pump and dump. Adding enough breast milk to a bath to make it cloudy cures a lot! Diaper rash, cradle cap, etc!


Alcohol Guidelines: Breastfeed and then have a glass of alcohol. Wait a minimum of 2 hours per alcoholic beverage before offering you milk to your baby. You don't have to "pump and dump." Instead, get rid of alcohol by drinking lots of water and urinating it out of your system.

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5 times you were told to pump and dump when you (probably) didn't need to. #breastfeeding #pumping #pumpanddump --Mainstay Doulas & Co.--


"expired" milk? "drunk" milk? no breastmilk is bad milk, and your NEVER have to pump and dump! here's one good alternative use to feeding your child.

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Breastfeeding: After Surgery, Pump and Dump

Breastfeeding: After Surgery, Pump and Dump? How I dealt with a nursing baby after an outpatient surgery.

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Pump and Dump?: Drinking and Breastfeeding over the Holidays.

To drink or not to drink while breastfeeding? Pumping and dumping may not be the only answer.


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