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Use Acupressure Points for Migraine Headaches

Massage Points for Migraine Relief- how funny, I actually do some of these when I have a migraine, I just didn't know they were massage points.


Chicken and Chorizo Stew

So simple, but so good, this chicken and chorizo stew recipe is perfect for the oven, slow cooker and even pressure cooker.


Increased ICP Symptoms (0 - 15) = Normal Ranges **Any patient that becomes acutely unconscious, regardless of the cause should be suspected of having ↑ ICP** Causes: · Mass lesion (tumor) · Cerebral edema: o Can lead to SIADH or DI o Do NOT lay flat (might have edema in brain) o Reaches peak in 2 – 4 days, then subsides unless there is underlying pathology (cancer, DM, etc.) o Treatment: § Mannitol § Hypertonic Saline § Surgery (depending on cause trauma v. brain tumor) · NOT done if…


Calculate Pulse Pressure

Dr Oz: How To Calculate Pulse Pressure + Bacopa Supplement Review

Do you know your Pulse Pressure? Dr Oz said it could be a key to knowing your risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease, so find out how to calculate it.

Dr Oz Alzheimer's Bombshells: Omega-3s, Fish Oil & Pulse Pressure

Dr Oz shared Alzheimer’s Bombshells unveiled in the most recent research about the disease that can give you tools that could aid in prevention.