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Fun Things You Didn't Know About Kara Morrison #6: My current hairstyle was inspired by the "Mia Wallace" character in Pulp Fiction.

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Comic-Style Cinema Characters

Comic-Style Cinema Characters - Joshua Budich Pays Tribute to Movies with These Illustrated Posters (GALLERY)

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adrenaline? 'Mia Wallace' Pulp Fiction Canvas Print

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Tarantino vs The Coen Brothers Artwork

Don't be a..... different people with different perspectives might finish this sentence in different ways considering the picture. Don't be a smoker, don't be brunette, don't have bangs.. the meanings we give to a sensory stimuli is called interpretation.

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Channel Uma Thurman From Pulp Fiction

"Tiempos violentos" Un clasico de Quentin Tarantino y uno de los mejores soundtracks en el cine.

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