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Ceiling Mount Light Fixture With Pull Chain - Ceiling lights especially antique ceiling light can make a great difference to

Black brass pull chain Industrial modern wall sconce light.  Globe light bulb. Bathroom, bedroom, hallway lighting.

Black Pull-Chain Industrial Modern Wall Sconce by Triple 7 Recycled - I love exposed bulbs — you don't have to worry about picking out a lampshade! And that pull chain is so cute. I would love to have these on both sides of the bed.

Antique Shabby Brass Pendant Ceiling Light - Vintporium Architectural Salvage- Ceiling Light, Pendant, Antique, Vintage, Light Fixture, Light, Lighting, Lite, Restored, Brass, Pull Chain, Bungalow, Old House, Flush Mount, Victorian, 1910's

This pretty little antique pendant light fixture measures 8 inches at the widest point and 20 inches tall. The fixture features a new aged ceiling canopy, n

Have you ever wanted to replace a pull chain light with a standard light fixture and a switch? If so, I have a tutorial for you on How to Add a Switch for a Light Fixture! A while ago my sons and I wa

How to Add a Switch to a Light Fixture (Pretty Handy Girl)

Woodworking is one of the most fun crafts around. In this article, I'm going to share with you some woodworking tips and tricks I've accumulated over t

How to Replace a Pull-Chain Light Fixture: 15-minute DIY repair

How to Replace A Pull-Chain Light Fixture

Source for pull-chain light fixtures (that arent ugly!)

Source for pull-chain light fixtures (that arent ugly!

How to convert conventional ceiling light into a pull chain. Great idea, looks simple.

A Light Fixture with No Switch

A doorbell that doesn’t ring has four possible problems: the button, the chime, the transformer or the wiring that connects them all. Here’s how to track th

Repair a Doorbell: Fix a Dead or Broken Doorbell

Wire plugs correctly to maintain polarity (and safety!), that is, the correct path for the voltage-carrying hot wire and the neutral wire.

Industrial Bare Bulb Pendant Light, Pull Chain Socket Lighting w/Edison Bulb & Vintage Antique Style Cloth Cord, Minimalist Hanging Fixture on Etsy, $78.24 CAD

Just Custom Lighting - Listings View Industrial Bare Bulb Pendant Light Pull Chain Socket Lighting Wedison Bulb Vintage Antique Style.

Small Bee Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Antiqued Brass Metal Ball Chain Light Pull New

Small Bee Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Antiqued Brass Metal Ball Chain Light Pull New

Ivy Pull Chain Beam Light

Ceiling Light Fixture With Pull Switch - Ceiling lights are fitted to ease light that was identical to the region that was w

Add an elegant touch to your ceiling fans with this Set of 2 Vintage Jeweled Fan Pulls. The jewel (1-1/4" dia. x 1"H) at the end makes the pull easier to see an

This Set of 2 Vintage Jeweled Fan Pulls add a bit of sophistication to your space. The jewel dia. x at the end makes the pull easier to see and grasp. It also fits comfortably in your hand. The chain is long to extend your reach so you won&