The Orange Tree Pub @ 16 King Street ~ Hereford ~

A very unusual sign, with a representation of an orange tree enclosed in the circular glass insert.

Pub Signs - The Old Monkey - Pixstreet Photo Gallery

Pub Signs - The Old Monkey - Pixstreet Photo Gallery- It's not a Sydney Pub but its still a great pub sign.

In the "pub visual" folder I also have a great print out of this, which would be much more impressive :)

The 21 Funniest Pub Signs In Britain

Pub Signs: The Pig and Whistle, Hertfordshire, England

I have only ever come across three pubs called the Pig & Whistle. The second at Cartmel in the Lake District. And the third was Ted Ray's local in his long running radio show (on the 'wireless'): 'Ray's a Laugh'.

English Pub Signs

A freehouse is a fully independent pub. Others are more-or-less franchises from major breweries.

The dirty dick pub, London....bwhahahahaaaaaa!!! Only the British! …

The Dirty Dick Pub. I want to put a pub in the man cave of my house named after my dad. We shall call it Dirty Dicks.

White Swan Pub Sign, Vauxhall Bridge Road

The swan english pub - Could this be the White Swan tavern in Crooked Lane?