Ha! So you thought you were special or an exception?! ..LMFAO! No, bitch! Classic sociopath and narcissistic tendencies. Eat it!

Classic sociopath and narcissistic tendencies to play the victim and blame "the real victim" for being the villain.if they don't know the true monster under the "innocent victim mask" they wear.

Yep.  But I got the last laugh. ☺☺                                                                                                                                                                                 More

He tried to break me and take my sanity. One day I finally woke up and realized he will never change. He will never have a successful relationship with anyone.

sometimes they can barely contain that face that just gave them away--i know which side you're on now--you've let me down in the worst of ways haven't you

Met a lot of snakes in the past couple of years. Be careful people. Even "Christians" can be snakes.

The Psychopath Free Pledge- This has been pinned many times, but of everything I've ever read its still the most cut and dry version of staying safe and true to yourself. Number 5 is my personal favorite reminder. Because through it all that feeling of something not right was always there from the beginning.

The Psychopath Free Pledge: I will never beg or plead for someone else again. Any man or woman who brings me to that level is not worth my heart. I will never tolerate criticisms about my body, age, weight, job, or any other insecurities I might.

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Sociopaths / Psychopaths

have lifelong patterns of deceitfulness for personal gain. They lack remorse and empathy and are wizards at rationalizing away how they hurt and mistreat others." ~ Gary Small It is just so sad when it involves children.