Dear EX, there's someone for everyone - and the person for you is a psychiatrist. #divorce divorce humor

Sounds like you need some counseling and psychological help J! I heard how you acted on a little family vacay among other things lol who does that? You're cray cray!

I prefer cuntbag to douche canoe, but whatev.

Well hello there, you self-centered, narcissistic douche canoe. How can I help the world revolve around you today?

Bless your simple little heart...

Some medication and therapy should help're a nurse so get the name of a good psych dr!you're batshit crazy and your posts prove it!

OMG! I never thought of it this way. Whoa. Lol

Grammar is everything, baby. Psychotherapist is one word! ONE WORD!

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Best funny quotes & pictures ever

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16 Cats Who Are About to Hurt Someone for Putting Them Through the Torture of Bath Time

The face says I'm the picture of optimal health.

Calm the fuck down. It's easier with marijuana. Make it simple by making…

From 1941 a Pin Up of David Wright's favourite model published throughout the in the Sketch Magazine

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Now, if it was a Magic 8 Ball, I'd have a hard time not taking this seriously.

Today Top 50 LMAO pics - LOL MANIA CLUB

Today Top 50 LMAO pics - LOL MANIA CLUB

How many times does he have to tell you to always shut the fucking gate?!?!

Oh for fucks sake Who left the gate open at the cunt farm


When someone calls me crazy but I've only shown them level one.

Don't know why I'm putting this here so my stalkers and psychos can see it..but I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of this

Like if your a fan of 33 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Wow that's actually really cool that someone can be that organized to pull that off!

Wow that's actually really cool that someone can be that organized to pull that off!

funny workplace memes - Posts - STEMSFX Productivity

Just a little FYI. I am out of the medicine that makes me like you.

It makes no sense till you get to the end. Then it all comes together and the 3 reasons make sense.

the frozen bird moral of the story. holy crap that didnt turn out as i had thought! sorry lil bird.