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Psychic Interactive

Channeling Courses Through one to one and group activities, coordinating mind body and spirit learn how to :- Enhance all your five senses and sixth sense - extra sensory perception (ESP). Increase your awareness, psychic and channeling abilities. Channel through your third eye and sacred heart to receive channeled messages. Interact with channeled messages from your higher self, your guides and loved ones.

A bright light flashed in her eyes, and in a distance someone spoke. "Erase it. Destroy her mind." (Previous pinner)


The people represented by the court cards- as an introvert who cares very little for human interaction - I almost always remove the court cards from my decks -- they just irritate me

from Sarah Petruno Shamanism - Philadelphia, PA

Energy Retrieval: How to Call Your Energy Back

The essential practice of energy retrieval - learn to call your energy back in as little as 5 steps.


jorg rothhaar, innovation, futuristic, azure, future, innovative technology, light blue, interactive wall, transparent Just imagine a whiteboard or teachersdesk like this.


Theresa Caputo, psychic medium and star of the hit TLC reality series, Long Island Medium, will appear live at the Broadmoor World Arena on Sunday, November 2 at 7:00 pm. Theresa will give interactive readings to audience members throughout the show and will also share personal stories about her life and her unique gifts.Please note: purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading.New episodes of Long Island Medium began to air August 3rd on TLC. The highly-rated show follows Theresa’s life…

Snipity-snap. How can you cut cords with someone and end an energetic, emotional or psychically harmful interaction once and for all? Find out, here.