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Indoor Bonsai Pruning Tools 10 pcs Tree Care Set:

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Garden Pruning Guide

Garden Pruning Guide | List of easy to grow plants and when to prune from a DIY gardener. This is broken down into types of plants with examples that make it super simple. #Sponsored

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Pruning Roses

How to Prune Roses - cut at an angle just above the bud, prune stems that crisscross or grow towards the center or are thinner than a pencil, wait 3 weeks after pruning to fertilize

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How to Clean and Sharpen Pruners

Forget those rusty, dirty pruners that stick and don't make clean cuts - these simple steps will make them new again! #ad


Branch angles are an important factor when pruning for strength. A low angle where the branch meets the trunk is a weak spot. These branches are more susceptible to damage from wind and ice damage. Picture the branch angle as hands on a clock; the ideal angle is a 10 and 2 o’clock configuration or about 45 degrees in relation to the trunk


You have some pruning to do? 8" Pruning Saw with Sheath, by Tabor Tools

You like classic Felco shears? Try Tabor Tools S3 Classic Pruning Shears as an alternative