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Ancient Celtic Geo-Wizards Plotted Real 'Middle Earth'


Hallstatt sword. From the Magdalenenberg, Iron Age, 6th century B.C. Archaeological Museum of Fribourg. Foto: M. Schreiner


Celtic Helmets ; Peter Connolly "The helmets 5, 6, and 9 were recovered from senones graves and date from the time before the expulsion of the Celts by the Romans in 282 BC. The cheek pieces, almost all belong to the three-PaB-Type (6)Their similarity with the three-PaB breast plates (S, 24) suggests Samnite origin, the 3rd Century these cheeks flap were simplified to a triangular with three humps"


‘Makes Skara Brae look like a shanty town’

The Ness of Brodgar predates Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, and even the Egyptian pyramids.

It was found with five other diadems, at a temple site in Hockwold-cum-Wilton. It is made of bronze and decorated with repousse medallions depicting bearded faces of a Celtic type. The god worshipped may have only been of local significance, but the crowns pointed finial is reminiscent of the spiked head-dress worn by flamines, a priestly college of high status in Rome itself. The crown stands 6 high, and the headband is adjustable.


A statuette in the Museum of Brittany, Rennes, probably depicting Brigantia, an ancient Celtic goddess: c. 2nd century BCE