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Selma-Montgomery March: Martin Luther King leading march from Selma to Montgomery to protest lack of voting rights for African Americans. Beside King is US Congressman John Lewis, Reverend Jesse Douglas, James Forman and Ralph Abernathy. March 1965.


Climate Change and War -- Syrian Weapons Depot -- Snowden Asylum -- Keystroke -- Ice Core Platinum -- Sri Lanka Protests -- Taiwan Nuclear Fight -- US Embassy -- Today's QuakeWatch.


OPINION: Todays civil disobedience continues MLK’s legacy

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Stonehenge bones: King Arthur Pendragon leads remains-protest

King Arthur Pendragon leads a protest against English Heritage's display of ancient human bones at Stonehenge

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Yes, Putin: They’re Going To Realize What They’ve Done

Freemason Albert Pike & founder of KKK that Islam and Zionist would mutually destroy each other. This was their plan and giving Palestine's land away was a perfect way to get wars going!


Protesters fell Lenin statue, tell Ukraine's president 'you're next'