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Protest Definition

Fit during the 60's and the message of make love not war is what we need to create another world.


Prohibition by the Numbers

Prohibition was definitely not one of those shining points in American history. In fact, attempts to regulate alcohol consumption go way back to the early days in US (even during the Colonial period). This infographic spells out a history of attempts (and failures) of alcohol legistlation, protests, repeals and so on... (read more...)


Congressman exposes truth behind illegal kids Fact-finding mission finds children definitely NOT 'refugees'


Hump Day Funny Pictures

Why is there a problem with love. The definition of marriage is when two people love each other and want to make a commitment with each other. There are laws against gay marriage. When we formed our country there was an agreement that, unlike England, we would separate religion from state. Our laws are against gay people and are prejudice towards them because of a religion. A religion that we said we would separate from state. Then we still have laws for the ideas of a religion. Our world.