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Day trips from Cologne: City Edition

After exploring the attractions of Cologne, you might wonder what else thef North Rhine-Westphalia holds. Explore these 6 cities on a day trip from Cologne.

When Germany legalized prostitution just over a decade ago, politicians hoped that it would create better conditions and more autonomy for sex workers. It hasn't worked out that way, though. Exploitation and human trafficking remain significant problems.


Xinhua, Beijing's state-owned news agency, commentator Liu Chang wrote: "As US politicians of both political parties are still shuffling bac...


Europe's biggest brothel, Pascha in Cologne. Why legalizing prostitution in Germany hasn't been so great (though this particular article doesn't go into all the economic details I would like).

Young women from the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas allege that the Honorary Russian Consul in the city has soled them into prostitution in Germany.