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The Bahamas government’s Department of Inland Revenue is embarking on operation enhancement measures, designed to facilitate a more efficient process of tax compliance, while improving the customer experience. The changes which seek to encourage the use of the department’s online platforms, focus primarily on payment methods and compliance deadlines. The department recently expanded its online payment platform to facilitate the payment of Real Property Tax.

India’s South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) will now charge property tax on mobile towers erected in its jurisdiction. The Supreme Court recently ruled that property tax could be levied on mobile towers and telecom companies would have to pay the tax as these come under the ambit of land and building. The decision should boost property tax revenue by over U$2 million. There are 3,670 mobile towers under SDMC’s jurisdiction and 2,537 of them have been erected without approval.

India’s Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike municipal corporation’s new Geospatial Enabled Property Tax Information System (GEPTIS) will enable BBMP to track property tax collection. One can register with GEPTIS and find his/her property by entering the owner's name, address and PID number. Using different colours, the system will show whether the owner has paid tax every year since 2009-10, has ever defaulted or if the person is a long-time defaulter. No names are revealed on the portal.

India’s Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)'s plan to roll out a Unit Area Assessment (UAA) system of determining property tax from April 1 2017 may constrain the civic body's revenue collection as the civic body will need to give a property owner two months' time to switchover from the current system of property valuation.

Regular bus commuters in Pune, India, will soon be able to use pre-paid 'MI cards' to pay their bus fares. The card can also be used as e-purse to make payments towards property tax, water tax, parking fees, etc. Swipe machines will be installed at property tax collection centres where property owners can make their property tax payments to the Pune Municipal Corporation.

India’s Jharkhand state Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has launched a card swiping service for tax payments besides the existing cash and online payment mode, registering its name as the first civic body to become cashless in state. At present, property owners can only pay the property tax through the Point of Sale (PoS) or card swiping machine. The remaining tax payments like water tax and municipal licence fee can also be done through this mode after February 8 2017.

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India’s Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is planning to adopt the age-old method of drum-beating outside properties to embarrass property tax defaulters. The AMC will target premises of commercial and residential property owners who have been evading property of US$1,400 or more. The AMC also plans to display the names of defaulters while beating drums on their premises. Property tax arrears amount to more than US$29 million.