Properties of Multiplication math sorting activity - identity, zero, associative, and commutative properties. Cut out squares and glue them onto the sorting sheet to identify properties of multiplication.

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This+download+includes+the+following+property+posters: Commutative+Property+of+Addition Associative+Property+of+Addition Identity+Property+of+Addition Commutative+Property+of+Multiplication Associative+Property+of+Multiplication Identity+Property+of+Multiplication Distributive+Property Zero+Property+of+Multiplication+

Understanding all the Properties of Multiplication can be tough. Use this foldable to help students. It's great for interactive math notebooks!

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So critical for our special education students to visualize and deeply understand. The DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY of multiplication can be tricky! This post gives you fun, engaging STRATEGIES and ACTIVITIES that students will love! Get all the strategies at:

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3.OA.5 "Scaffolding the Associative Property of Multiplication" from TammyHarold-Ferguson on (15 pages)

FREE DownloadDownload 8 Properties of Operations Cards for your Math Word Wall:1. Commutative Property of Addition2. Commutative Property of Multiplication3. Associative Property of Addition4. Associative Property of Multiplication5. Additive Identity Property of Zero6.

Commutative Property of Multiplication- Great for helping students understand the relationships between numbers in third grade multiplication!

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