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Japanese Math Multiplication Trick. Too tired to see for myself if this really works right now....

FREE Download! Increase math literacy in your classroom! Properties of Parallel Lines Cut by Transversals Classroom Poster.


Algebra Properties Sheet- I'm sure that at the rate K is running with math in the 3rd grade, they should be to this by the end of the year. :S (No, I'm not serious, but geese though.)


How Many Ways of Making Numbers Can You Cook up?: Give each group a French Fry Sum Card. They worked together to find as many addition math facts for that sum as possible and then wrote those math sentences on their construction paper french fries. Place the addition facts in the correct french fry box.


Properties of Operations & Algebraic Expressions

Summarize: Commutative: the ORDER in which you add or multiply numbers doesn't matter. Associative: how you GROUP the numbers when you add or multiply doesn't matter. Same kid friendly meanings for identity (how the number still sees itself in the mirror), inverse (opposite and upside down), and distributive (break a number apart).


Includes a data table that lists sources for grants, scholarships and other awards along with their due dates and links to their application instructions (Provided by NCTM)


KS4 GCSE Higher Tier Specifications and Objectives: 30 lesson plans in PowerPoint Set 2

Standard style lesson plans put into PowerPoint for easy showing in the classroom, printing for handouts etc. All the objectives covering Number, Probabil...