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Solar Power Generator. 1250-watt battery can power fridge up to 4 days, TV for 35hrs, laptop for 30hrs. Two 30-watt solar panels charge generator to full capacity in 20hrs direct sunlight. Has 8ft long cord so generator can be used inside while attached to panels outside. Can charge on house AC in 16hrs. $2000

How To Convert Your Generator To Natural Gas, Or Propane For $5. #thegoodsurvivalist

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{Quick and Easy Gift Ideas from the USA} Generac 6001 LP5500 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank Holder #gifts #giftideas #welikedthisusa

Off grid LPG (propane) powered Battery Charger

Picture of Off grid LPG (propane or biogas) powered generator/Battery Charger conversion from petrol engine. Plus other useful power stuff i.e. using car alternator to produce 12v & 24v dc

I converted our generator to operate on multiple fuels – gasoline, propane and natural gas. This has several advantages, functionally as well as practically speaking.

Tri-fuel generator conversion (without any kits): for ~$50 and a trip to the…

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Generac LP5500 5500 Watt Portable Generator, Liquid Propane

Generac LP5500 Propane powered generator. I personally had the chance to work on parts of this product. Very proud!!

How To Make Generator Run On Multi-Fuel Sources. Convert a normal generator to run on gas, propane and even natural gas. You now have 3 ways to have power.

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