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Some People Think This Rock 'Face' Is Proof Of Underground Alien Base

"See? The face? The face that is indisputable proof that aliens exist? The face that is indisputable proof that aliens exist and is a marker for their secret underground base?" people coming up with crazy conspiracies because they have found a rock face that looks like a human face. When really it could just be a massive coincidence as people see faces in everything nowadays. (The Huffington Post UK, 6th may 2014)


Alien Pictures – Proof That Aliens Exist | Are Aliens Real? (real alien sightings video footage, alien abductions, space aliens exist, ufos pictures, extraterrestrials)

Crop Circles: Proof that Aliens exist and They visit?

Some giant towers on the Moon are proof that aliens exist, says a group of UFO enthusiasts who believe governments and public agencies are no longer able to keep the lid on the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Secureteam10, an organization that examines UFO sightings and alien encounter claims, and then …


SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR (I found this on a doctor who board... just gonna casually leave this here... ya know, in case one of you is the Doctor in hiding...)


Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. How, then, can we explain parallels like pyramid construction, corbel arches, and mummification????


A recent discovery made by a team of scientists has put a spotlight on what many consider to be the first extraterrestrial organism found. Is this definitive proof that aliens exist?

A Foot Warmer’s True Purpose - Neatorama

A Foot Warmer’s True Purpose - Neatorama


[Watch] No One Could Explain These 6 Mysterious Archaeological FindsAre These Proof That Aliens Exist?