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Absolute proof aliens exist, ufo sightings proof and evidence


A NASA researcher has found hidden portals on Earth's magnetic field that open and close dozens of times each day. Some of them are open for long periods of time. NASA labelled these portals X-points or electron diffusion regions, they are located a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth. The portals are created through a process of ma...


'Absolute proof of Life on Mars' - shock claim after 'alien found' in NASA image

from Mail Online

Crop circle hiding 'beautiful' maths formula appears in rape seed field

An extraordinary crop circle based on the 'world's most beautiful maths theorem' has appeared in a field next to a windmill in Wiltshire.


Alien Baby Skeleton This baby skeleton, and many others like it were found by Archaeologists in Cuzco Peru. DNA tests have been performed and it was proven to NOT BE HUMAN......For the full story read The Wes Penre Papers - A Journey into the Multiverse -

from Mail Online

Dogwalker claims mystery 'space poo' jelly is proof ALIENS exist