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-Stop the sexualising of women and clothing -Awareness and safety of rape (for all genders) -Stop gendering colours and clothing -Teach everyone consent

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Pronouns Task Cards

Pronouns Pack Sneak Peak for 2nd-4th grade! Includes subject pronouns, object pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, and reflexive pronouns. Use the instructional pages with the whole group or allow students to use them with the task cards at a station.


Subject Verb Agreement and Indefinite Pronouns - This 70-slide PowerPoint review and quiz is a great practice to understand pronoun agreement. INCLUDES: 1. A notes / teaching section (6 slides) * list of singular pronouns * list of plural pronouns * list of pronouns that can be either singular or plural 2. A practice quiz section w/ the answers on each slide (32 slides) 3. A real quiz section w/o answers on each slide (32 slides)