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L45.6 "I must confess, Richard, I am worried that the bank will no longer honour the princess's promissory note' Defn: A promissory note is a legal instrument (more particularly, a financial instrument), in which one party (the maker or issuer) promises in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other (the payee), either at a fixed or determinable future time or on demand of the payee, under specific terms, Wikipedia. This pic - Promissory Note written by Josiah Bartlett, 1772.

The Federal Reserve There's the learning curve ahead.

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Article Titled: What’s the difference between an IOU, a Promissory Note and a Loan Agreement? Ghostwriting & Graphic Design by Allison Tomazin

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A Primer on Regency Era Currency

Victorian Five Pound Note | Regency Era Currency: One pound note, Bank of Jersey, 1813.


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What is a Promissory Note? INTRODUCTION. this document introduces the basic legal requirements of promissory notes through case law and other legal commentaries. A Promissory note belongs to a class of contracts known as negotiable instruments, together with bills of exchange, cheques, & drafts. Each type of negotiable instrument has specific formalities which must be met in order to be valid.

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