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Bootlegging In America

Prohibition era disposal of illegal alcohol confiscated by the government. Alcohol played a major role in Fitzgerald's life; he was an alcoholic and likely died so young due to the effect his addiction had on his health.


There is not a fast car in the frame, but how can you doubt that they had one? Sisters Guarding Family Moonshine Business -- Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing pose after they were arrested for moonshining. The sisters guarded stills on their family's farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota, during Prohibition.

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The Mafia's greatest untouchable: The flamboyant 1920s mob boss and the true story behind TV's Boardwalk Empire

Speakeasy: Prohibition in the 1920s led to gangsters making huge profits by selling alcohol in illegal bars (above)

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An Amazing Photographic Tour Of New York In The 1920s

The 1920s weren't deemed roaring without a reason -- a beautiful look at the glamor and glitz that defined New York in the 1920s!

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Prohibition by the Numbers

Prohibition was definitely not one of those shining points in American history. In fact, attempts to regulate alcohol consumption go way back to the early days in US (even during the Colonial period). This infographic spells out a history of attempts