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Turning Japanese could help you live to 100! Forget the Med Diet - eat until you're only 80% full, have health checks every year and switch to seaweed and sushi

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Probiotics reviews: best probiotic on the market

Probiotics reviews: best probiotic on the market The Benefits of Fermented Foods Infographic sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, pickles, tempeh

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7 Probiotic Foods That Are Great For Your Gut

With an increase in the number of people suffering from digestive disorders, people are opting to take a more proactive role in their personal health care. This does not include prescriptions. Foods with probiotics (the good kind of bacteria) can help you get slim, stay healthy, and feel better than ever. Here are

BIO-KULT INFANTIS Review: Probiotic Formula for Baby & Toddlers - My Mills BabyMy Mills Baby

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The Best Probiotics For All Your Needs!

y a sweet, salty and sour mix! However, fermented foods are ‘sour.’ That is their flavor profile. The fermented sour flavor can be amazingly...