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The "reason" is Ego-projection.

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Natasha romanoff, cacw, captain America civil war, avengers, marvel, mcu

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12 absolutely unique kinds of beaches you probably didn’t know existed.
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Some common knee pain causes. Some cheery news on your pain -_- it's probably an injury, not soreness

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Photojournalism Boy walking his dog near a destroyed building | Lebanon. This photo shows how a boy is walking his dog near a very badly destroyed building which was probably cause by a bomb. i feel as it shows that everyday life can be destroyed somehow but you can always ignore it and walk around as shown the boy doesn't really care about the building and is still going on with his life.

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oh lord MY CRUSH LIKED MY INSTAGRAM PICTURE i kid you not but it sounds really sad idk.. he knows my name and knows i exist and oh should i play this game where i like his picture then he likes mine so i should follow him and he follows me? okay i have this planned wow i sound so sad i'll probably delete this lmao

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I don't like desserts but this looks really yummy! Probably cause it looks like pizza lol

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