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Second Amendment, is part of the Supreme Law of The Land, The US Constitution. Everything else is a BS political anti-American Agenda !


This pro Trump piece of crap forgets to mention that his sons are waiting to shoot the pride the minute it arrives...............


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20 Funny ‘Pro-Trump’ Memes for Your Sunday

Hate jersey shore but that one nailed it


So let me get this straight. Trump is pro 2nd Amendment, anti abortion, has an excellent tax plan, is pro American, anti illegal immigration, yet this is somehow unacceptable? Anyone willing to take Hillary because Trump has said mean things or argued with Khizr Khan needs to get their priorities in check.

I'm not really pro-Trump but it is true that it would help to make America great again lollll

7/8/16 - Exactly, distracting everone from killery also...Trump is going to crush that bitch on a scale that will make Reagan's landslide over the other worst President look like a close race!!!