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Königssee, Berchtesgaden National Park,  Bavaria, Germany....This one place of sheer beauty and tranquility where we were privileged to spend a few hours.

Orange-Cashew Chicken and Rice

Königssee, Berchtesgaden National Park, Bavaria, Germany -- All I want to do. is go back to Bavaria

this most definitely does NOT make me smile, but it needs to be shared. this guy is a piece of shit.

He's the living, breathing, walking personified definition of Rich Influential Dad privilege.

Yep... Being bitten in half by a shark and surrounded by blood. That's the most accurate description yet

The only thing that would make this better, would be surrounding him with chocolate ice cream 🍨 , French fries 🍟 and anything else you’ve ever eaten because you were being bitten in half by your own body.

THINK !! The world is bigger than just you, and it's getting smaller, more interdependent,  and many of the rulers have the same agenda, just go about it in different ways. Women's rights have been at a stand still in the US for decades, and with the Supreme Court ruling that corporations have a right to legislate a woman's healthcare according to  religious belief, it's not getting better. Since when does a corporation have religious beliefs? (what about your beliefs?)

"Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem to you personally." I know a couple people in my life this applies to - sad!

iNW-LiVE Daily Picdump #240713 they always kill Central America

iNW-LiVE Daily Picdump #240713

If the world were a village of 100 people.hmm, I wonder how accurate this is. I love stuff like this it puts things into perspective

My kids, all grown up, have a father that is a nasty piece of narcissist. I would venture to say he is beyond narcissistic. I have noticed that my kids talk about the things that confuse them.... Dad did this (and it is definitely wrong) but then pause and follow it up with a don t get me wrong, I am so grateful because he..... The hook with their father, is that he has financially supported them all of their lives. They live a VERY privileged li

Can you actually have Stockholm syndrome without being kidnapped and what's the symptoms?

I'm sorry to say this but your parent's social class is the real indicator of your success in life, a homeless heterosexual has a much harder life than a homosexual living in a western country. Also suggesting that a transgendered person's life *must* be hard suggests that you think someone is defined by that aspect of themselves. I believe that my sexuality is one part of who I am, and more often than not the last thing about myself that I will mention.

Nothing about you makes your life hard but you. Unless you live under a totalitarian government that literally seeks out people of your demographic and kills or tortures them, you can’t really blame a hard life on anyone but yourself.

Welp. The truth hurts.

Well the truth hurts and you better suck it up buddy because that's the harsh reality


Maine Coon Personality Traits

Wicked #Step #Mother or Privileged Position? It's a Privileged Position that so few children understand

They Said It Best: Famous Mother's Day Quotes

My mother in-law made a wonderful man :)). Men and mothers -Ralph Waldo Emerson

So Poor - If he's so poor he can't afford a table, how does he have enough laptops to do that?

Yeah, too poor to afford a table but rich enough to buy 5 laptops