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The entrance to the dwarven kingdom of Buzinbar, ruled by King Throri of Clan Murdinron, uncle to Geofrick. It is carved into the side of the mountain Bizarak. Atop the mountain sits a rock gnome keep, and the two are connected, having grown together over the centuries. Geofrick searches for a book, “The Abyssal Scripture of Kheli”, which tells of the omens for the end time in the Prophecy of Asmadan. It is the most treasured possession of Throri, but he hopes to convince him of his need.

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Portmeirion Village, Snowdonia, Wales, UK by RobRoyAus, via Flickr location for the cult series The Prisoner

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18 Photos Of London's Past, Blended With Its Present

The Museum of London has just launched an iPhone app that makes use of its extensive art and photographic collections as well as geo tagging and Google Maps to guide users around London where, via the iPhone screen, you can look into the past!

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The Walking Dead Locations Sign Hand Painted

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12 Places You'd Never Believe Were In The UK

Portmerion Village in Gwynedd, North Wales.

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Mortimer's Hole, a medieval passageway beneath Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, England. It is located in a commanding position on a natural promontory known as "'Castle Rock'", with cliffs 130 feet (40 m) high to the south and west. Built by Henry II For centuries the castle served as one of the most important in England for nobles and royalty alike. Generation 28 on family tree.

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Where to eat out in Zanzibar

zanzibar, tanzania. beautiful beaches, amazing safaris, crazy spice markets, and seafood of heaven.

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