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"Do the gods favor us?" Natalia asked softly, red eyes fixed on the moon. Fatima loosened her veil to uncover her face, reveling in the ocean breeze against her skin, "What do you mean?" Natalia bit her lip unsurely, "I mean, if the Punks were to seek retribution against Miervalst, would they have the favor of the gods?" Fatima hesitated before answering, "Yes, they certainly would."




Princess Yue was the sixteen-year-old ruler of the Northern Water Tribe at the North Pole. Her character is a composite of her animated counterpart and her father, functioning as both Sokka's love interest and the head of state due to her father's untimely death. Princess Yue told Sokka that she was a stillborn baby until she was revived by the Moon Spirit:


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Sokka gazing up at Moon Goddess, Yue. I'm sure she misses him as much as he misses her. From Avatar: the Last Airbender. 11 x 17 Print. Printed on heavy stock paper. All posters are Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Just put two posters in your shopping cart, then in the notes section let me know what you'...