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Kept waiting for something like this to happen when I first read The Prince's Tale, but for some reason it wasn't in there... not a word about my copy/pasting either, i had a lot of these do to

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Federal authorities have joined the enquiry into Prince's death as police investigate possible criminal conduct.

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WRITING PROMPT: You are heir to the throne, prince(ss) of a medium sized nation of this world. Your parents died too early and everyone is ready to exploit your inexperience, your enemies are ready to tear the kingdom apart, your advisers ready to use you as a puppet. It's time to establish dominance.

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Very funny :)>>> FUNNY???? Are you kidding me? They DIED. FANS DID THIS TO THEIR MEMORIAL AND YOU THINK ITS FUNNY?? For goodness sake

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2016 is the year of celebrity death. Srsly. I saw a David Bowie sticker on the back of a van today and almost cried then thought 'SCREW YOU 2016' so yeah I had a good year how was yours?

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Will’s letter to Tessa ‘I would have chosen death for a chance to tell you the truth, Tessa, if I could have been assured that death would be my own.’

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The prince , the princess. Tribute to Allan rickman and Carrie fisher. May the force, always, be with you

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Alan Rickman reading If Death Is Not The End poem is haunting and emotional

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