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A very interesting opinion from tumblr on this (deleted) scene from the prince caspian movie.


Prince James Lighthorne is the third son of the recently deceased King Robert Lighthorne. However, several other families want to be King or Queen of Ashana. James is the one sent on a quest to find the elemental gems and daggers whilst his older brother is sent off to find the book of the ancients and the prophesied High Priestess to destroy the evil that has been released upon Ashana.


Caspian X (books only). Gryffindor. He starts out very like Neville Longbottom. He's all tied up with feelings of insecurity and incompetence, but as he grows into his role, he gains courage, and, unfortunately, almost too much Gryffindor bravado and rashness that betrays him in his later years. But it's the same spirit that then asks to see 10 minutes of our world. And Aslan does agree.